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  • Exclusive leads and much more available

    SD-TRAFFIC-ALLSTARS-GO Motion Pricing List

    Mortgage Exclusive: $17-25
    Mortgage 24 hour semi: $5-10
    Mortgage 7 days-30 days 1.00-3.00

    Loan Mod Exclusive: $15-18
    Loan Mod 24 hour semi: $7
    Loan Mod 7days-30 days $1-2.00

    Please inquire regarding other verticals and traffic options including tax, debt,
    life insurance, sell home, and many others. We look forward to speaking with you.

    We run several pages in our rotations so please do not hesitate to ask questions.

    We also provide data for call centers, Inquire for pricing

    We generate everything in house and no affiliate traffic

    Happy to start with small orders until relationship develops. No min within reason of course.

    We have over 150 resellers worldwide and always interested in adding quality brokers.

    Please inquire about additional verticals, We most likely have them in our rotations.

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